Stock market important report for retail investors

A stock market important report

Stock market important report for retail investors

Market reports are very important tools for the selection of stock for trading for the next day. Reports like a delivery percentage - traded volume - open - high - low - close plays a very important role in in-stock selection.we will provide links of important reports for selection and analysis of the stock for next day trading. It will help in selecting write stock with valid data points.

This world is full of resources. You will find a lot of information from the internet, experts for free however there is limited quality information regarding stock market learning and analyzing the stock market.

Analyze option chain for stock market direction to know more check this link.

2. Security Wise Delivery Position

The security-wise delivery position means no of share marked for delivery from the traded quantity. It is the critical parameter. With the increase in stock price and delivery, percentage leads the stock price to touch new high also if stock price decrease and delivery percentage increase stock touch new lows than previous lows. Check the security-wise delivery report form use. here.

3. Daily volatility 

Daily volatility is defined as a rate at which stock prices will move up or down. With this Daily volatility report, we can analyze the stock movement and select stock for intraday trading. Generally high volatile stock is selected for intraday trading for higher gains. 

4. FII DII Trading activity

It is very important to analyze the trading activity of FII and DII in the Indian stock market. These two institutions drive the market. Follow these two gains of the market. If you trade in the same direction you will earn money If you trade against then you will lose money.

5. India Vix

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